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Welcome to Tech 4 Designs Marine Parts & Supplies

We're proud to announce immediate availability of seven newly designed products:

If you're tired of placing orders for replacement wheels and being told to wait because they are on backorder, then we've got your solution.  Actually, we have 2 solutions...

1.  Replacement Dolly WheelsYes, we have replacement dolly wheels with the 1" axle for the SEITECH™ brand, as well as the OPTIPARTS® brand OPTIMIST® dinghy dollies, but we have more than just that. 

2.  A Unique Axle/Wheel Adapter Kit:  Allows you to use replacement wheels that are less expensive than current OPTIPARTS® brand and SEITECH™ brand OPTIMIST® dolly replacement wheels (Patent pending).   

Here's how it works.... This axle adapter fits into the wheel support tube on both SEITECH™ brand and OPTIPARTS® brand OPTIMIST® dollies.  It reduces the wheel axle size from 1.0" to 5/8".  The 5/8" axle size is a more common size for wheels.  As a result, the wheels are much less expensive in hardware stores.


Tech 4 Designs, Inc. Sailboat Dollies and Parts

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