Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Tech 4 Designs

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Welcome to Tech 4 Designs Marine Parts & Supplies

We're now open for business with solutions to your sailboat dolly problems! 

If you're tired of placing orders for replacement wheels and being told to wait because they are on backorder, then we've got your solution.  Actually, we have 2 solutions...

1.  Replacement Dolly Wheels:  Yes, we have replacement dolly wheels for the SEITECH™ brand, as well as the OPTIPARTS® brand OPTIMIST® dinghy dollies, but we have more than just that. 

2.  A Unique Axle/Wheel Adapter Kit:  Allows you use replacement wheels that are less expensive than current OPTIPARTS® brand and SEITECH™ brand OPTIMIST® dolly replacement wheels (Patent pending).   

 Here's how it works.... This axle adapter fits into the wheel support tube on both SEITECH™ brand and OPTIPARTS® brand OPTIMIST® dollies.  It reduces the wheel axle size from 1.0" to 5/8".  The 5/8" axle size is a more common size for wheels.  As a result, the wheels are much less expensive.  We have these 5/8" axle size wheels ready for immediate shipment! 




Press Release #1

Tech 4 Designs releases its first press release, announcing it partnered with Lake Lanier Sailing Club to repair its dollies.

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